Information is Your Weapon

When it comes to investigative services, trust Faison's Investigative Agency, LLC in Miami, Florida. We have decades of experience in gathering evidence and background investigation. Our focused, cooperative, and detail-oriented agents are always ready to help you with:

Private Investigation
This is for attorneys, professional sports organizations, and collegiate organizations. Clients usually need this service if they're in trouble. We provide detailed information about the case, and discreet information that only the client can obtain from us and their attorneys.

Criminal Case Litigation Support
Our company works with attorneys in compiling evidence concerning criminal cases. In fact, we do most of the leg work when it comes to criminal investigations.

Witness Tracking and Interviewing
This includes gathering informat
ion, tracking down witnesses, and making them testify in court. In the event that a witness doesn't want to appear in court, we can document his or her testimony so it can be admissible in court.

Evidence Gathering
As professional investigators, we also gather evidence from the crime scene. We usually find loose pieces of evidence that may have been overlooked, but are very useful in resolving the case.

Background Investigation Services
Aside from law firms, we also help commercial and nonprofit organizations hire the right people. We offer extensive background investigation services, including:

• Criminal Background Investigative Services
• Business Background Investigative Services
• Restaurant and Bar Investigative Services
• Personal Bodyguard Services
• Subpoena Services

Florida License #A-1500095 | Private Investigator License #C-1500135